BangCity [v 0.12d]

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Description: This story is situated in the place that is called BangCity. Sounds weird and it is, because here dominate criminals and everyone is working together with them. You take the role of a guy with a nickname Babyface. He has been born and raised here and now he wants to take revenge on those who did bad things to him in past.
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Updated: 2022-08-05, Posted: 2022-02-18

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us rebelh8 @ 2022-06-13 18:37:30

I can't find any of my "saves". I had about 6 hours saved, but now when I open the game, and go to "Load", all the slots are empty. How do I get back to where I left off without wasting another 6 hours?

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gb AlanB42 @ 2022-06-14 13:24:42

rebelh8, exact same thing has happened to me as well. Can’t imagine those saves will be returned so looks like I’ll have to start again


us hernando34 @ 2022-06-05 16:57:24

the mc is a real wimp this game is boring


us Banjo @ 2022-04-04 09:06:18

I hate the MC. He's a whiney little prick. He shouldn't be called "Babyface," he should be called "Babybrain," because he acts like a fucking child. Or maybe "Babydick," because of his insecurity issues. He deserves to fail, and I want to see him fail. But if there's no failure ending, then I don't want to continue playing this game.


us Banjo @ 2022-04-04 02:25:00

I'm not saying I don't understand the MC's desire for revenge, I do, it's just... REEEAAALY rapey. I find it disturbing, not arousing. I mean, I can understand getting so angry at a woman that I want to beat her up, or even kill her, but "make her my bitch?" I can't relate to that at all. I'm still in the firsts scene, so I'll continue playing for a bit longer, but this isn't looking good...


us nick1102 @ 2022-04-03 03:46:06

your game is not working right just to let you know


us Player1 @ 2022-04-02 18:12:48

Stuck on day 27 Valerie in bathroom nothing else to do


ph GOKU CAUGHT IN 4K @ 2022-04-01 08:17:02



us Banjo @ 2022-03-31 19:35:31

The title screen looks really cool... Too bad that's all we can see before the game crashes...

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us Banjo @ 2022-04-04 02:25:59

I switched to the Gamcore browser. Now it's working...


gb Maxim @ 2022-03-30 02:14:16

I am confused why some people are saying that the game is not working, it seems to be working perfectly well on my laptop. Not the most complex or well-written of games but better than many.

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us Thenro @ 2022-06-09 07:06:48

Maxim, which laptop do you use


it alloy @ 2022-03-01 13:04:11

we can't use the pc for visit kate channel and can't visit linda in the kitchen in the evening, please fix this bug


us thorobred82 @ 2022-02-25 20:36:15

This was not ready to be put out yet


us raven @ 2022-02-25 07:22:41

this update needs fix hope the next update works


us dude @ 2022-02-21 00:29:52

it seems like this game is very unfinished. the gang and influencer quests never progress and the landlady quest just kind of stalls out after a while.


us Mr Piss Off @ 2022-02-20 23:32:58

This game does not work. Figure that before fucking you put it on here!!!!


sg jestD @ 2022-02-20 10:02:48

one of the most MOST boring game i've played.


gb Glireon @ 2022-02-20 02:27:30

game is broken as stated on above notes you can not progress the game past any things to do.


gb meh @ 2022-02-19 12:43:24

game is broke or at least barely even finished you can't progress the optional story past looking at laptop, can't progress the gang past the first time you go there and can't progress the person you live with past photoshoot with car.


za TED6969 @ 2022-02-19 08:15:52

Fix the damn bugs so we can enjoy the game


us BITEME @ 2022-02-19 05:02:26

Gang bitches evening visit is broken


us Frustrated @ 2022-02-19 01:56:32

The game doesn't seem to progress. No matter how many times I visit the gang bitches in the evening, nothing happens. Any ideas?


au minyrno @ 2022-02-19 00:48:17

how do you use the pc i cant wont let me

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de larsoderso @ 2022-02-19 07:20:10

minyrno, I also don't know


us NormaL @ 2022-02-20 14:42:37

minyrno, from what i see its event linked only. not free access like we would like it to be.


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