3D Lesbian Love

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Description: Lesbians have more abilities to make love with each other and it is not only with dildos or licking pussy. So you can see another way of lesbian sex and especially 3D.
Updated: 2022-02-02, Posted: 2008-03-09

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us Hornybitch @ 2022-02-03 00:55:06

I don't want to fucking give them my credit card what the hell


gb mmh @ 2021-11-09 15:24:40

how tf do u play


it sigh @ 2020-03-11 17:18:41

this is creepy


us Eee @ 2019-04-22 21:36:02

How to play


ca yoooufkme @ 2019-03-09 23:23:03

this is stupid


us Random Rex @ 2018-12-16 15:26:05



au SarahRJ @ 2018-05-26 09:46:34

@spacemob I enjoy it O_o I dunno what you mean by not enjoyable. I guess each to their own? I mean yes dry humping and feeldoes and cunnilingus are fantastic, but this feels good to me as well. Not so much the pose theyre in though ... that'd strain the back a bit.


ru nia @ 2017-12-14 01:55:19

scissoring actually feels really good

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us Lessi234 @ 2021-02-22 17:58:43

I wish I could try :(


in hdhdhhdhd @ 2017-06-15 13:49:43

what to do?


us spacemob @ 2017-04-12 00:08:16

how do any guys think scissoring is an actual thing gay girls do that could feel good for both of them. s'all an act man. idk, maybe with like a wand in there? or a double sided dildo? but it'd still probably be more uncomfortable than the pleasure would be worth. ya know what feels good for gay girls? cunnilingus, double sided strap ons, fingers, and dry humping, all esp true with clit vibrators. any fellow girls who like girls who do enjoy scissoring comment bc i dont think u exist.

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us Stopdonttalktome @ 2018-11-24 15:13:54

spacemob, scissoring is a real thing and it actually feels really really really good....Honestly is feels better than a dildo.


us jay @ 2019-11-02 01:30:44

spacemob, youre fucking stupid. theyre rubbing their clits together.


us beale @ 2021-07-29 01:32:15

spacemob, i’m a lesbian, yes, it’s an actual thing we do ☺️


de WTF @ 2017-01-01 21:51:20

the did nothing! it was so boring


in Bitch @ 2013-09-22 15:19:18

Mmmmm! Mmmmm!


us magister @ 2013-02-28 10:58:52

my god, this is considered good? I would hate to know what you think BAD is.


au smsm @ 2011-11-04 05:03:31

nice game


us jay @ 2011-06-20 04:47:00

i don't get it

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us awd @ 2020-07-27 17:47:23

jay, ikr i know right!


nl UWgUuLBhcqipWg @ 2009-06-09 19:38:01



gb brunete @ 2009-02-26 08:06:46

kur ir brunetes


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